What does 14 Karat mean?


If you see 14K and/or the numbers .585 stamped on your jewelry, this means that there is Fifty Eight and one half percent PURE GOLD in that piece. The remainder is one or more different pure metals, such as Silver, Copper, Paladium, Platinum and Zinc. These added metals are called ALLOY.



                                                              What is Red and White Gold? 


Melting and Mixing these pure metals at temperatures of over 1000 degrees centigrade (1830 degrees Farenheight) determines the color of the gold . If you mix pure gold with mostly copper and some silver you will get what is called "ROSE or RED GOLD". If you mix pure gold with Palladium or Platinum you will get WHITE GOLD. .Almost all white gold jewelry is "Electro-Plated" with, less than one micron layer, of the "Noble" white metal Rhodium. This will give the metal a pure white color without a hint of yellow.


                                                      What is 24 and 18 Karat Gold?


24 Karat = 99.999% PURE GOLD. 24 Karat Gold is very soft and as a piece of jewelry it is easily damaged, scratched or bruised, that's why it is melted and mixed with alloy metals for strength and durability as well as giving the piece a high polish, which is not possible with 24 karat gold.

18 Karat= 75% pure gold, 25% Alloy (other metals)

14 karat= 58.5% pure gold, 41.5% Alloy



                                                       What are "NOBLE METALS" ?


These metals in their pure form are resistant to Air and Water. They do not Oxidate (turn black) or corrode.


This is the "short' LIST OF NOBLE METALS, there are more:










                                                       HOW DO I FIND MY RING SIZE ?

  Follow these 3 simple steps. . .


1. Measure your finger between 10:00 and 14:00(2pm). A person's finger can swell in the summer and shrink in the winter. Time of day also affects the size of the finger

Measuring your finger should be done about midday. The finger is usually a bit larger in the morning and smaller afternoon and night.


2. Visit your local jewelers/jewelry store and have them measure your finger. If you have chosen a wide ring, the jeweler must make the measurement with a "wide ring sizer". There is about a half of a size diferrence between narrow rings and wide rings.


3. After you have found a comfortable fit, have them tell you the INSIDE DIAMETER of that ring from the ring sizer.


     If these steps are folllowed properly, you can be assured that the ring I make will fit just right. Each ring is hand fabricated from many parts and cannot be cut like a single solid band.




                                                                    CUSTOM ORDERS 


Variations on stock items as they appear on the site are possible.

Please contact me via email or telephone to discuss any special requests., changes and/or additions to stock items. 


For sizes larger than 9 (US) and smaller than 5 (US) please contact me for price adjustment.